Noss Construction provide excellent pre-construction services to private clients, property managers, property developers, suppliers all around Georgia. We are known for giving best pre-construction advice to our clients.

As a service provider or property developer, you might know that pre-construction is a unique service that involves planning and engineering to define a construction project, identify potential issues, and analyze cost impacts. It provides  property developers with a formal approach for developing scope, cost, and schedule to execute capital projects.

At Noss Construction, we define pre-construction as defining the actual project scope, schedule, and cost as soon as possible with efficient use of resources and money. Our pre-construction services help owners understand if the project is even worthwhile or not. We give systematic and diligent attention to our pre-construction process while examining every possibility before beginning a project.

Our process of pre-construction begins with a meeting with the property owner and the people that are involved in the design, construction, and end use of the project. The primary objective of this meeting is to learn the goals, objectives of the project, and ensure that every individual understands their role in the pre-construction process.

Involving ourselves in the initial design and the meetings, we gain a full understanding of the difficulties of a project that allow us to offer cost management and contract support throughout the life of a project.We have a team of skilled professionals with years of experience who understand every aspect of the pre-construction process and provide unique solution according to the client’s requirements. Our pre-construction services include:

Planning and Scheduling

Full design and review

Preliminary budget

Cost estimates

Project control development

Noss Construction will compile detailed project documentation which consists of the Form of Contract, project information, drawings,and specifications. Once the contract is signed, our team will stay close to the project to finish it as soon as possible.

We are known as one of the best pre-construction company in Atlanta with a client base all across Georgia. If you want someone expert to handle your pre-construction project, then Noss Construction is the right choice for you. Get in touch with to discuss the details of your pre-construction project.

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